The Premier Science and Hip-Hop Edutainment Company

Grand Hank Productions, Inc. was founded in 1990 by scientist and educator, Tyraine Ragsdale, known most commonly by his stage name, Grand Hank. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh earning a bachelor of science degree in chemistry, with minors in physics and mathematics, Tyraine went on to become a research scientist for the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.


Tyraine developed, and further synthesized over 23 years, a unique teaching methodology.  Unique to the educational sector, Tyraine’s high-energy science presentations, unique teaching methods and deep belief that all children can learn, have worked to reverse thousands of students’ aversion to STEM subjects resulting in previously unforeseen educational opportunities and broader career paths.


GHPI has reached more than 10 million students, parents and administrators across the United States and internationally.